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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Garage Floor Preference - Epoxy Coat

Garage Epoxy Floor
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Garage floors can take a beating, but an epoxy finish to your garage floor will help transform the space from dark and dingy into colorful and cool. If you want to give your garage a somewhat wet, glossy look, check this out.

Take care of that concrete floor; this is by far one of the most important components of finishing a garage. Attach plastic sheets to the walls just above the floor that you intend to coat with epoxy. Sweep the garage floor thoroughly and remove as much dirt and dust as possible. Fill cracks with some crack filler. Fixing cracks not only makes the epoxy floor coating look better, but it will last longer.  For holes, chisel out and vacuum dust away. Fill holes with concrete patch and a putty knife. Determine if acid etching is necessary for your epoxy garage floor coating. If necessary,mix the etching solution according to the instructions on the package. Work the etching solution into the concrete with the broom. Rinse the floor. Tape down plastic for 24 hours to test for moisture seeping up through the floor. Mix your epoxy floor paint according to the mixing directions. Apply the epoxy garage floor coating along the wall edges with a brush before rolling it. Let it dry completely before applying a second coat. You can sprinkle color flakes as you give each section its second coat. Do not walk on an epoxy garage floor until the coating has dried according to the recommendations on the can. Then the garage will finally be a space worth driving up to—and showing off. 


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