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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring
Nowadays, we may be looking for a cost-effective way to make floors and surfaces appear shiny, make them easy to clean and of course, a way to protect them from different sources of damage, may it be in a home, garage, commercial establishment or in an industrial scope. Epoxy flooring provides a ton of benefits which can meet the above mentioned demands. Sure, you may resort to other forms of floor protection, but nothing can compare to what Epoxy can do for you. With that said, let's check the benefits if you avail it.

Epoxy flooring makes surfaces easier to clean

Cleaning up floors has always been a strenuous chore, especially if it involves cleaning up floors that are affected by grease, sugary drinks, car oil and gasoline. Epoxy makes cleaning these liquids up easier, since it does not allow it to make direct with the floor's surface. Grease and oils may need to be scrubbed heavily if spilled on an unprotected surface, but with epoxy flooring, you do not need to exert much effort. Aside from liquid damage sources, dust, dirt, soil and other sediments can easily be swept, wiped or vacuumed away. This makes epoxy flooring ideal for restaurants, garages and industrial complexes.

Makes the floor aesthetically pleasing and durable

Look at your smart phone. You may have a screen protector installed in the touch screen in order to prevent scratches, smudges and chips. Epoxy flooring is comparable to what a screen protector brings: it does not allow any direct contact with the floor's surface through a protective film, prevents damage and makes it aesthetically pleasing by giving it an added glossy shine which will last for years.

The composition is safe

Epoxy FlooringBasically, epoxy flooring is made of two components: a resin and a hardener. These two mix to chemically form a plastic-like substance that is strong, resistant to degeneration and latches well on the surface (mostly concrete) that it is applied to. It is not toxic in any way and any health concerns regarding it are nonexistent. Epoxy flooring is different from epoxy floor coating, simply because the in the former, a two-millimeter thick film is applied while in the latter, a thinner coat is put on.

Eliminate safety and lighting issues

Epoxy flooring is able to eliminate safety concerns both at home and in the workplace. It minimizes the risk of slips and falls from happening, mainly because the surface is rigid and not slippery. With the help of a good lighting system, it can also improve brightness in a work area, minimizing the risk of accidents.


As mentioned previously, epoxy flooring can provide ample protection from liquids such as water, grease and oils. Let's widen a scope a bit: what if torrential rains hit the area and your home and workplace was unfortunately flooded? Don't fret, the flood will not wash away the epoxy flooring – it has waterproof properties that will enable you to easily clean the flood-stricken surface easily!

Now that you know the many benefits of epoxy flooring, you should definitely consider availing it. Regardless of your purpose in doing so, you are guaranteed of a safe, conducive and a great environment at home or in the workplace.


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