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Friday, November 8, 2013

Maintaining Concrete Floors

Floors play an integral part in our lives, especially ones made of concrete so while you are at it, try to look into services pertaining to concrete sealing in Brisbane. We cannot underscore the importance of these floors even though they are overlooked most of the time. In creating a great environment may it be at home or in the office. Once they have been laid out, both the custodians and people utilizing them should take the necessary steps in order to maintain their form. With that said, here two simple ways to keep concrete floors in shape.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete Floors

Remember that your home or business establishment is a big investment – concrete sealing is one way to make your money worth it. Some people may ask this question: “Why would I need to to seal my concrete floor when it's pretty much invulnerable?” Well, concrete IS a very durable building material, paired with steel and you will have a structure that will last for over a lifetime. However, its vitality can wear off in a matter of months, if it is exposed to the following conditions:
  • Too much water. We have all seen roads, sidewalks and other areas with chipped concrete after every rainfall. Water, especially those coming from floods and heavy rains can penetrate their cracks and after which expand, damaging it.
  • Humidity and sunlight also has a major role, although results can only be seen over time.
  • Daily wear and tear. Aside from being walked, stepped and driven on, dirt, grease and hard objects can cause the concrete to deteriorate.
Sealing the concrete will eliminate the cracks and completely protect it, thereby maintaining form, durability and beauty. Doing so will protect it from all sorts of damage. With that said, here are some of the things that you can get from it:
  • Concrete sealing makes the concrete easier to clean given its liquid-proof qualities. Grease and oil can be hard to clean and may leave nasty stains, but with concrete sealing, you can just throw in detergent, water, a light scrub and rinse then poof, the job is done.
  • It does not allow dust and other debris to stick into the concrete surface, making it easier to clean. 
  • Best of all, it is able to provide a film of protection from the harsh elements, specifically the harsh rays of the sun.
Concrete Floors

Remember though, before applying the sealer, make sure that the concrete floor is free of any dirt, debris or grime. In this case, professional services may be a necessity.

General cleaning tips

Let's say that you already applied concrete sealant and that your floor is looking great. The next challenge is to maintain it. Sealed floors may only need mild mopping paired with stain removers (soap, detergents) along with disinfectants. Vacuuming is also a feasible option. Daily cleaning and simple observances like careful handling of steel power tools are also a necessity. Lastly, applying epoxy flooring would definitely make everything easier and cost effective.


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