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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Epoxy Flooring: Bringing Life to Ordinary Concrete Floors

There are a plethora of reasons why epoxy flooring stands out over the competition. It is a dream come true for a designer because it offers more than just its durability. Aside from its sheen and color, epoxy flooring has so many elements such as flake flooring, chips and pigments that are added to further bring out the beauty of your floor. It is like a painting canvas for designers. You'll ask for the design and additional elements that are going to be incorporated, and they will do their best to give you the type of flooring that you want. It doesn't matter if you're going to get epoxy floors in your home so that your garage floor is able to withstand the constant pressure from the weight; or you get one installed in your business establishment so that people can give compliments. You can virtually put epoxy flooring anywhere, no matter how wide or small the surface is.

Your home or business establishment just has that added value to it when it has epoxy floors installed. You can basically put flake flooring so that it can match your walls and everything else on the interior. Your floor can have resistance to damage if epoxy flooring has been installed to it, but the thing that designers love about this type of flooring is its aesthetics. There are a number of ways on how an epoxy floor brings life to your dull concrete floor.

Epoxy Flooring


Are there flooring options in the market that are on the same level as epoxy flooring? That's highly unlikely. Most flooring options already have that preset design to it, so you can't really do much with it. With an epoxy floor, not only do you have the chance to select what color you want, you can also opt to  plug in additional elements like flake flooring and chips so that it has a variation in its appearance. You can customize your epoxy floor the way that you want it. You also have a lot of options in its design, although this depends on which company you hire. Business establishments benefit heavily from this type of flooring because they can create brand awareness. One way to do it is to give their business that signature look on their floor.

The floor stays intact despite of traffic

There are countless times that you've seen tiled floors or wooden floors that have scratches and damages. These ugly imperfections are a turn off to clients that come inside of an establishment. There's just a certain effect to a business if their areas area clean and well-maintained. When talking about maintenance, there isn't much of it when you install epoxy floors. That's because liquids are easy to wipe and scratches are hardly found on epoxy floors, especially those that have flake flooring. If you take care of it, epoxy floors can last a lifetime, without being changed. Some designers are tired of the constant changing of residential and commercial floors. They're going to get burned out from regular trips to an area to fix the floor. It's redundant and frustrating.

Leveled floors

Epoxy flooring is the ultimate solution to floors that have cracks and bumps. A lot of people hate seeing those in a floor. Also, it's hard, at times, to clean floors if the aren't proportioned well or if they have holes and cracks. If the floors have damages, it's either going to be repaired or remodeled. If this is done regularly, you're going to need to make a budget for it always. On the other hand, an epoxy floor is expensive, but the only time that you're going to spend money is during the installation.


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